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Meet Our Staff

We stay current with dental treatment techniques, materials, and emergency care through continuing education seminars and conventions. Our dental hygienists and auxiliary staff have advanced training in all phases of dentistry. Our staff stays current in their field of dentistry and office skills through lectures and continuing education to ensure the best care possible for our patients.


Raffaella is our front desk office manager who's eager to help patients feel welcome and informed of our office’s services, as well as expedite any dental insurance questions they may have. Her great organizational and management skills help facilitate existing and new patients to our dental practice.

Raffaella coordinates closely with each of our team members to ensure that each patient receives the quality care that we continuously strive on providing. If you ever have any questions or comments, she enjoys hearing feedback from our patients and always love hearing from you.

Raffaella is also a licensed dental assistant fulfilling her CPR, Radiolology and OSHA infection control requirements.


Is one of our outstanding dental hygienists who brings her caring and enthusiastic contribution to our dental team and loves educating patients in prevention and maintaining a healthy oral environment. She thoroughly enjoys helping others reach a well informed and enjoyable dental experience. 


Julie comes to Everett Dental Associates as our newest certified licensed dental hygienist who graduated with Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene MCPHS University certified in Local Anesthesia with current CPR certification.

She brings to our team a talent and enthusiasm with well rounded experience in treating every age group from very young children through older patients including special needs and other disabilities.

Her soothing touch and truly caring demeanor transforms all her  appointments into a pleasant and educational experience.


Sharleen is a Licensed Dental Assistant from the Everest Institute and displays a continuous caring attitude. She is consistently diligent in her work ethic and is very passionate about helping to make sure our patients enjoy their dental experience. Sharleen loves to broaden her knowledge by attending continuing education programs.

Sharleen works well in monitoring children's needs. She fulfills her duties with the utmost care and safety for our patients and the environment.